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July 23, 2012 / Administrator

Free Download Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version)

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that has successfully established itself in a market that was totally occupied by Internet Explorer. Firefox is a powerful, ever-changing and which has an impressive catalog of extensions The constant efforts of the Mozilla developers have paid and allowed to hoist Firefox in second place of the most popular browsers.

A modern and attractive browser
Mozilla Firefox has introduced a feature that made it flexible and easy to use. If Firefox is not responsible for tabbed browsing, it is he who has popularized. Since version 4 of Firefox, the tabs have taken place at the top of the interface and Panorama, which lets you group and organize tabs by his group, made its appearance.

Each navigates his way and Mozilla Firefox has understood. The Panel of the toolbars of Firefox allows you to organize, organize, add or remove buttons by simply dragging and dropping.

Firefox also lets you add your own search engines. To fill all social network users, the browser of the Mozilla Foundation recently joined a Twitter search engine. A handy feature for quick access to thematic network microblogging . . .



Download Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox



Firefox is concerned about its looks. The themes of Firefox (Personas), accessible via the module manager, are classified by categories: abstract, movies and TV, fashion, music … There’s something for everyone and every color. We appreciate being able to preview each Personas simply by hovering the mouse pointer.

A powerful browser
But all is not qu’esthétisme with Firefox. If something has won him the favor of users, it is also its compatibility with web standards. HTML5, CSS3 and the usual plug-ins such as Java and Flash.

With Firefox, continuous improvements of rendering engines (Gecko) and JavaScript (JägerMonkey), that eased the browser, have converted one of the fastest browsers on the market.

Infinitely customizable?
The catalog of extensions, accessible from the module manager, is immense. These modules let you add additional features and customize Firefox as you see fit. Some of these modules are absolutely indispensable. Among them are:

> Adblock Plus: Anti-pubs which increases the ease of navigation.
> UltraSurf: for a surf with discretion.
> DownThemAll: an extension to manage your downloads.
> Video DownloadHelper: download videos.
> Stylish: to change the look of a website.
> And more available on Softonic.
Firefox has converted over the versions in a reference among web browsers. The Mozilla Foundation was able to propose a browser increasingly fast, efficient, customizable and more compatible than ever with current web standards.

However, Firefox is overtaken by the competition in some areas: lightweight, easy to install extensions, web applications dedicated … Many points in which his main rival, Google Chrome, has the advantage.


Download Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox


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